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Statutes of the Association of Chinese Medical Societies for Chinese Medicine in Switzerland (VCACMS)

Statutes in German Statutes in Chinese

1. General provisions

Art. 1: Name

The "Association of Chinese Medical Societies for Chinese Medicine in Switzerland, VCACMS" is an association established in accordance with  Art. 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code, the ZGB. The Chinese name of the association is “瑞士华人中医药学会; It is politically and denominationally independent.

Art. 2: Definition

The VCACMS is a not-for-profit group of specialist Chinese doctors practising Chinese medicine in Switzerland, committed to the public good and working on a voluntary basis .

Art. 3: Aims

Promoting the exchange of scientific knowledge in Switzerland and abroad; ensuring and further developing Chinese medicine and acupuncture so that it is up to date and of high quality and takes account of the latest findings; Promoting Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Switzerland; Promoting the health of the Swiss population.

Art. 4: Organisation

1. The management board comprises the Advisory Committee, Honorary President, President, Deputy President, Administration and Members of the Board.

2. Administration: The Administration is subject to the authority of the Board and carries out the necessary administrative tasks.

Art. 5: The Association is based at: Battenhusstrasse 10, 9062 Lustmühle AR, Switzerland

2. Area of activity (aims and purpose)

Art. 6: The area in which the VCACMS is active comprises:

  1. Scientific exchange
    Periodically running conferences on Chinese medicine and acupuncture; Organisation of events for the discussion of key specialist and scientific topics; Organisation of presentations by specialists from Switzerland and abroad covering technical and theoretical issues.
  2. Advanced specialist training
    Promoting advanced training; regular provision of education and training courses for the members; Quality assurance and ongoing development for the members; provision of recognised training courses in Chinese medicine and acupuncture and in the clinical work for the activities involving Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Switzerland and the surrounding nations; Awarding of recognised diplomas to those who have successfully completed the advanced training events.
  3. Public relations tasks
    Promoting and running information events on common illnesses that are difficult to treat, with the aim of increasing the public awareness of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and providing information about healthy living and increasing the health consciousness of the public.
  4. Specialist collaborations
    Comprehensive specialist collaboration with Swiss health organisations and authorities; specialist support in the evaluation and distribution of products for Chinese medicine; contact point for the Federal Ministry of Health, the authorities, health insurance funds, politics and the public, carrying out work on behalf of the federal authorities.
  5. Publications
    Regular publication of specialist presentations and training materials; preparing the Association's own website containing information about an exchange of scientific information and professional training courses, as well as general knowledge about Chinese medicine and acupuncture.
  6. Recommendation
    Recommending qualified members of the VCACMS and graduates of the advanced training courses run by the VCACMS in Switzerland and abroad to take up positions

3. Members

Art. 7: The overall membership is divided between individual members, collective members and honorary members.

Art. 8: Anyone who recognises the statutes of the VCACMS and fulfils the following conditions may submit an application for membership:

  1. An application for individual membership may be made by anyone who can demonstrate at least three years of clinical work as a Chinese doctor practising Chinese medicine, provide evidence of scientific work in the area of Chinese medicine and be in possession of a relevant university qualification.
  2. An application for collective membership may be made by medical establishments, corporate bodies, or organisations that provide medical research, training or health care who can demonstrate a number of employees who are medically trained or engaged in research, who exert a certain level of influence in  society, who support the work of the VCACMS and wish to take part in the activities of the VCACMS, and whose work lies within the area of activity of the VCACMS .
  3. An application for honorary membership may be made by well-known specialists in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, supporters of the work of the VCACMS and people who work on behalf of the development of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and its further dissemination and promulgation.

Art. 9: Admission to membership

Applications for membership are put before the Board; they may be made at the applicant's own initiative or by recommendation. Once admitted, members are provided with a membership certificate.

Art. 10: Rights and obligations associated with membership:

1. Individual members
1.1. The rights of individual members:

a) The right to elect and vote
b) The right to submit counter proposals and to inspect
c) The right to participation at a reduced price in scientific events organised by VCACMS in Switzerland and abroad
d) A preferential right to copies of articles in the journal of the VCACMS; free-of-charge subscription to the journal of the VCACMS; the right to use the scientific materials of the VCACMS
e) Membership of the VCACMS is at the member's own wish, as is the right to terminate the membership

1.2. The duties of individual members:

a) Recognition of and adherence to the statutes of the VCACMS
b) Execution of the resolutions of the VCACMS; Execution of the tasks of the VCACMS and of delegated tasks
c) Participation in the events organised by the VCACMS for the public good
d) Prompt payment of the membership fees
e) Provision of voluntary donations for the benefit of the area of activity of the VCACMS, or assumption of the duty to raise capital for the  VCACMS

2. Collective members:

2.1. The rights of collective members

a) To send delegates to the scientific events organised by the VCACMS in Switzerland and abroad
b) The right to use the VCACMS scientific materials 

c) The right to obtain technical advice from the VCACMS, the right to obtain assistance from the VCACMS in the provision of training events and conferences.
d) The right to submit counter proposals and to inspection

e) The right to a free-of-charge edition of the VCACMS journal 

2.2. The duties of collective members: identical to those of individual members

Art. 11: VCACMS membership certificates and appointment credentials are only valid with the VCACMS stamp. 

Art. 12: Individual and collective members shall give notice of termination of their membership in writing and have a duty to return their membership certificate along with their letter of withdrawal. Valid reasons for withdrawal include the failure to pay the annual membership fee or a failure to participate in any event organised by the VCACMS over the course of a year; in these circumstances, a demand will be made for the return of the membership certificate. In the event of any serious violations of the statutes, the Board shall decide upon expulsion and shall demand the return of the membership certificate or the appointment credentials.

4. Organisation, election and joining procedures

Art. 13: The highest organ of the VCACMS is the general meeting of the Swiss membership nationwide. It is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Establishing and revising the statutes
  2. Electing and removing the Board 
  3. Checking and approving the report presented by the Board
  4. Checking and approving the accounts

Art. 14: The general meeting of members is only quorate if at least two thirds of the members are present. Resolutions shall only be passed with a simple majority of those present.

Art. 15: The general meeting of members is convened every two years. If any particular circumstances should make this necessary, the period between the general meetings of members can be made longer or shorter.

Art. 16: The Board is the executive organ of the general meeting of members and is answerable to the general meeting of members. It carries out the day-to-day business in between the general meetings of the membership.

Art. 17: The Board is responsible in particular for the following tasks:

  1. Executing the resolutions of the general meeting of members. Electing and dismissing the President, the Deputy President and the Secretary. Preparing for and convening the general meeting of members
  2. Preparing the Board's Report to the general meeting of members
  3. Admitting and excluding members
  4. Setting up the internal organisation
  5. Establishing the important functions of the VCACMS

Art. 18: The Board meets at least once every year. Under certain circumstances, the meeting of the Board can also be convened electronically, via the internet.

Art. 19: The President, Deputy President and Secretary must fulfil the following minimum requirements:

  1. Enthusiastic personality with organisational skills
  2. Evidence of service in the area of Chinese Medicine 
  3. In good enough health to be able to carry out the work involved
  4. In full possession of their intellectual powers and of full legal age
  5. Evidence of a university degree or equivalent qualification 
  6. Evidence of an unblemished reputation

Art. 20: The President has the following powers:

  1. Convening and chairing the general meeting of members
  2. Directing the work undertaken by the Board
  3. Signing documents on behalf of the VCACMS
  4. The right to propose the appointment of members of the Board

Art. 21: The Secretary has the following tasks and powers:
  1. Managing the day-to-day business of the VCACMS. Preparing and implementing the annual plan for the VCACMS
  2. Proposing the nomination of candidates for the election of the Deputy Secretary and for the election of the key persons in the administrative organs with respect to the Board
  3. Carrying out other tasks as part of the day-to-day business

Art. 22: The period of office of the leading members of the Board is normally 4 years. Under certain circumstances, the period of office can be extended, but this requires the agreement of at least two thirds of the general meeting of members.

5. Financing and utilising the assets of the Association

Art. 23: The income of the VCACMS is made up of:

  1. Annual contributions
  2. Donations from businesses and
  3. Organisations, donations from third parties
  4. Contributions from the Swiss Federation
  5. Other income

Art. 24: The VCACMS raises appropriate levels of membership contributions. For a normal member, this amounts to CHF 100 per member per annum. Membership contributions for collective members are regulated separately.

Art. 25: The assets of the VCACMS are used solely to promote activities undertaken within the framework of the VCACMS or the professions associated with the VCACMS. The assets cannot be distributed to the members.

Art. 26: The assets are administered in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations. Regular accounts are issued for the bookkeeping function.

Art. 27: The use of the assets of VCACMS for purposes that are not within the scope of activity of the VCACMS or for personal gain is expressly forbidden.

6. Changing the statutes

Art. 28: Any changes to the statutes of the VCACMS require an application jointly signed by at least ten members. Once the business manager has checked and agreed the application, he or she submits it to the general meeting of members for discussion and a vote.

Art. 29: The Board has the sole right to interpret the statutes of the VCACMS.

Art. 30: These statutes came into effect on 9th June 2008. These statutes were approved at the inaugural meeting on 8th June 2008. In addition, ZGB, Art. 60 – 79 shall also apply